Working a cash register can be tough sometimes, but then there are those customers who make it better.  I didn’t catch her name, but she was one of them-we’ll call her…Lois.  Lois came through my line today with her groceries, and after the usual small talk she had a request that I had never heard before.

“When I was in Oregon, I bought a reusable bag, but wasn’t charged for it.  Can I pay for it here?”

Honestly, I was taken aback.  Most people would have just accepted the bag as a stroke of luck, not thinking twice about it.  But Lois didn’t.  She recognized the mistake and sought to fix it.  Although I could not charge her for it (different store, state and region), I thought that Lois’ integrity was something to be respected and admired.  I wish everyone was like that, but then again, if everyone was, it wouldn’t make the occasions like today so special.

So thank you, woman known in this post as Lois.  You made my day.