On days when I work at night (or not at all) and Nason does not work something magical happens.  We have a morning together.  This is a rarity in our marriage, since we both have jobs and during the week he wakes up for work, and I either wake up for work or school.  This summer is the first time we’ve attempted to synchronize one of our days off, and I must say I’m looking forward to it.

So mornings are a special treat for us.  We get to wake up together and relax, cuddling or talking.  We used to go out to breakfast, since we currently live close to a breakfast place, but money is a little tight and so we’ve been staying in, making breakfast together, which I think is sweeter.  Typically we’ll stay in and watch a movie, or we’ll go and run errands.  It’s a great way to start the day.

We also feel better in the mornings.  We’re not drained from our day, and we don’t stagger in.  We talk more in the morning, we have Nerf dart wars more in the morning, and we are both more affectionate in the morning.  It’s wonderful.

Today Nason is at a CPR/First Aid course, and so we don’t get a morning today.  While I’m a little disappointed, it’s okay.  Next week our days off together start, and I can’t wait.  Then the magic will reappear, only this time it will continue all day.

Challenge: Spend a morning with the people you love.  Go out to breakfast, or watch an early movie, or go swimming or hiking.  Enjoy it!