Very soon (as soon as next week, possibly) Nason and I will be moving.  It won’t be a long move, just about a half hour from where we currently live, but it will be into a house, which we should be buying in a few years.  The house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, manufactured home on an acre of land, and it is situated just barely within city limits (in fact, the road that the house is on crosses the city/county  line several times).  We fell in love with it the first time we walked through it, and now we’re finally moving in.

The house fell in love with. Photo compliments of MLS.

It’s an exciting time in our lives.  Renting-to-own a house is a huge step up from just renting an apartment, and it’s a lot of responsibility.  But I think Nason and I will be fine.  We can afford the rent, and we’ll take care of whatever problems arise.  It’s just our style, which was contradictory to apartment life.  Rather than fixing problems ourselves, we had to file a work order, then wait for it to get fixed.  This got a little frustrating at times.  So house life will prove to be great for us. 

The only things I will miss about living in the apartment will be the short commute to work, and the fact that several of my good friends, including my best friend, live in town, so get togethers will not be as spontaneous as they have been in the past.  Nevertheless, I’m happy to be moving.  The area we will be moving to was our home for years before we got married, so our parents live there and some of our friends as well.  It feels like we’re moving…home.  And the house will be our home in a way that the apartment only sort of was.