One of my favorite things about my job is getting to interact with kids.  This is actually encouraged at the store I work at, so I get to talk to kids, let them ‘help’ with their groceries, and hand out stickers.  It never fails to make my day, whether he/she is shy or talkative or calm or hyper.  Today I got to interact with a lot of children, so I had a pretty good day.  My friend’s wife even brought in their baby today.  She is less than a year old and absolutely beautiful.  She’s a very quiet baby, and has these big intelligent eyes that make you smile no matter what mood you are in.

It’s days like these when I want my own.  I know that I am only 21, and not finished with school, and I’ve only been married less than a year, but still.  I love kids, especially babies.  There are many days when Nason and I pass by babies, and I (jokingly, of course) ask him to steal one for me.  I want a little baby who is half mine and half Nason’s and all God’s.  I want a pudgy little boy or girl, with my smile and his hair.  I want to know that love that only a mother can possess, and be fiercely protective over a little person, and teach them and nurture them and love them. 

Our sisters, who were flower girls at our wedding. They are some of the coolest kids I know!

It’s not just that I want a baby, either.  I love kids of all ages, because I feel like kids only get cooler as they grow.  Their personalities and opinions become more pronounced, and their understanding of the world and those around them deepens, and their knowledge grows.  It’s an incredible journey to be a part of, and one I want to experience with my kids.

Still, I have to wait at least another year, so then I’ll be done with my bachelor’s degree.  It’s the smart thing to do, and I know if I did not finish my degree I would regret it.  But that doesn’t lessen my love of children and my desire to have babies.