Hello again!  I am so sorry I have not blogged in a week.  Nason and I have been so busy with the move, and then we had to switch our internet provider, so I had no way to get online to post.  I have been itching to write again, I think I am addicted to blogging now. 

We have been so busy turning our house into a home.  We have been scrubbing walls, weeding the backyard, packing, unpacking, and everything in between.  Now I can actually see the sofas (since they are not covered in cardboard) and I can walk from one end of the house to another without tripping over anything.  We have discovered that all this space makes for great Nerf dart wars, and have big plans for the interior and exterior of our new place.

It’s kind of crazy how quickly it all happened.  Last week we were living in an apartment in town, and now we’re back in Vail, settling into a new home.  Honestly, this house feels more like home than the apartment ever did, and I’m so thankful we are living here now. 

There are still a few projects that need to be done, but overall we have the house the way we want it for now.  We want to eventually paint and tile and landscape, but that’s all to come when we have time to do it.

Which actually brings me to my announcement, sort of.  I’ll be in Prescott starting Sunday.  It’s for a week with my Middle School students, at a camp we go to every year.  I will not have internet while I am there, so I will not be able to post at all next week.  I will try to post either tomorrow or Saturday, but I make no promises.

I suppose that’s it for now, hopefully I’ll write soon!