I pray for no drama this week.

I pray that all of our students remember to pack their underwear, because we can’t help them with that.

I pray that there are no trips to the emergency room.

I pray that the students take more out of solo time than what is written in their booklets.

I pray that we as a staff get used by God.

I pray for good weather.

I pray for no confiscated cell phones, perfume, iPods, etc.

Most of all, I pray that this be a week with no distractions.  So often we all get distracted by life, and camps like UCYC are a wonderful way to settle down and reconnect with God, or even to see Him for the first time.  Camps can be life changing, and that’s what I want for this week-a life changing experience for all of our students.  I wanted to work with students for that reason-to see the changes in their lives and to be used by God as a tool for that change.  I just want this week to be meaningful for the students going, and that they can bring something back when we get back to the ‘real world’ that will alter their lives in the way that only God can do.

One small request: if you are going to UCYC, I can’t wait to see you there.  If you are not, please pray for the students and staff who are.