I know that plenty of people get nervous in the kitchen, but for me, it is my favorite place to be.  Personally, I love the kitchen.  I love its functional design, and its many funky gadgets, and its potential for so many projects.

But mostly?  I love the kitchen because I am passionate about cooking.

I think it is the coolest thing in the world to be able to take raw ingredients and craft something delicious.  I love to make up recipes (like the marinade for the chicken in the fridge right now) and see them come alive on a stove top.  something that looks completely unappetizing (like raw pork) becomes something incredible with a few spices and some olive oil (like Island Pork Tenderloin).  The kitchen is a place for transformation, for a unique kind of chemistry that is often overlooked.

Our first (small) kitchen

Even the tiniest of kitchens is still magical.  When we first moved into the apartment, I fell in love with the miniscule kitchen.  Size was not something that bothered me.  It was my space, and I was still able to make delicious things come out of it.  And now, with a huge kitchen, I am able to do so much more, due to the vast counter and shelf space.  It’s like I am unlocking this potential for great culinary things to happen, like in the small kitchen I was just scraping the surface.

This may seem silly to some, but it is something that is important to me.  I love to fix meals and cook goodies, mostly because I like to feed people.  I rarely cook if I am the only one who will be eating it, because I like to cook for people.

So, if you would ever like a home cooked meal, just let me know-I’ll make something tasty for you, and I’ll have a blast doing it!