Our house is slowly becoming our space, a little bit each day.  We have scrubbed walls, picked out paint colors, and even found a free desk via Craigslist to put in our developing home office.  We have been gardening, and weeding, and picking up trash.

But the one thing that kept being pushed aside was the kitchen floor.

This floor is pretty gross, to be blunt.  The linoleum is not very flattering, and there are several cracks and scrapes in it that make it the worst part of this otherwise fantastic room.  And, to top it all off, it was filthy.  We said we would mop before we moved the furniture in, but it didn’t happen.  Then we went to Prescott, and now that we’re back I’ve been staring at it in distaste.

And today, I finally mopped it.

It is still an unflattering color, and it is still cracked.  But it is clean now, and it feels like a little weight has been lifted.  This may seem odd, but for me it was a small victory.  I do not like to clean, and I especially do not like to clean things that other people have made dirty, and that floor was dirty when we moved in.  I kept putting it off because I did not want to do it, and I kept making excuses as to why it could be done another day.  But today I said ‘no more.’  I just grabbed the cleaning supplies and went for it.  And I feel better because of it.

I tend to put off the things I do not want to do, and it is something I am trying to change.  Taking care of the house has been a great tool for relieving some of my tendencies to procrastinate, and I hope that the floor can mark a change in my attitude towards undesirable tasks.