Since moving to Tucson nearly 8 years ago, I have fallen more and more in love with the city and surrounding area.  From spectacular sunsets to amazing hiking to wonderful friends, this place is now home.  And now, my favorite time of the year is here.

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Monsoon is right around the corner.

Before moving to Tucson, I lived in Tacoma, Washington (close to Seattle).  I hated the weather there.  The rain was always drawn out and drizzly.  The sun rarely came out, at least that’s the way I remember it. 

It was nothing like here. 

Here, the air gets heavy, and that wonderful wet smell fills the air.  The wind picks up.  The sky gets cloudy.  it is still warm-this is Tucson in the summer-but not blisteringly hot, like earlier in the week.  Here the storms are short but furious, drenching you in seconds but drying you soon after.

I think that monsoon storms are breathtaking, and I can not wait for the first to hit Tucson.  At this moment we’re being teased-all of the right elements are there.  It is so close I can literally smell it, but no precipitation.  Yet.  It’ll come, and when it does it will be spectacular.  But for now we all have to play the waiting game, and hope that it comes soon.