After UCYC, house sitting, and our trip this past weekend, we are finally home.  Although they have been fantastic, the past three weeks have felt like a marathon, and, quite frankly, I’m glad things are getting back to normal.

It’s nice to be home again, in our own house, living life a little more peacefully.  Now that our big summer plans are done, we have time to actually live in our new house.  Though we started the process of settling in, and we are mostly unpacked, our home plans were put on hold as we went all over Arizona.  So the past couple of days have been nice.  We started getting things ready in the garden, and we now have about half of the chicken wire set, a trench dug, and a game plan for the nasty squirrels that destroyed our first plants.  This morning, we transferred some century plants across the backyard. 

The inside of the house is looking good as well.  Overall the place is cleaner and better than when we moved in.  Right now we are searching for a futon and some end tables to put in our entertainment room and bedroom, and we have plans to paint and tile  in the (hopefully) near future.

It is great to be home.  I love this house, and I especially love the area where we now live.  It is so beautiful, and so full of life.  This morning we saw a family of quail at our bird feeder, as well as finches and thrashers.  There is all sorts of desert wildlife in our own backyard, and, though some of it is troublesome, most of it is interesting and beautiful.  The nights are incredible; we can see all the stars out here from our porch, and it is very quiet and peaceful.  Overall, it is a wonderful place to call home.

PS.  This photo is courtesy of my husband, Nason Simpson