Normally I try and keep my posts positive and happy.  I try and find the good in life and celebrate it here.  Even with this post I have tried to find the optimistic spin, but I need to be completely honest.  I am really sad.

There’s some stuff going on in my life and the lives of those very close to me that is scary and serious, and it has left me exhausted and depressed.  I have felt like this for the past several days, and no matter what I do it always comes back.  There will be some major changes coming up in the near future.  And I am fearful of how it’s going to leave those involved.

Out of respect for the wishes of those who are involved, I can not talk about it, so please do not ask me what’s going on.  Everything is being handled as best as it can, so do not offer to help or anything.  Now, it’s all a matter of waiting on God’s plan.  Just pray, and accept the fact that I am sad.