Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about new technology that is coming out, and it made me stop and take stock of the things I own.  And I realized that I could be considered outdated.

My cell phone is not a Blackberry or an iPhone; it doesn’t even have a keyboard!

My television is not flat screen, we don’t have cable (one less bill) and we don’t own a DVD player-we watch movies on a Playstation 2.

We have nice laptops, but mine is secondhand and Nason’s is issued by his work.

Most of our furniture was free, and all of it was previously loved.

In truth, none of these things really bothers me.  If I had an iPhone, I would probably use it and love it, but I don’t stress about the fact that I don’t.  I like new furniture, but I’m perfectly happy with the 20+ year old sofas we got from my parents.  New things are nice, but I find that constantly pursuing the latest style or toy will only lead to discontent in the long run.  There will always be things out there that are newer and cooler than what I own.  And wasting time striving for those things seems silly-I’d rather spend time with people than shopping around for the latest and greatest thing.  So I’ll stick with my cell phone that only has T9 for now.

At least, I will until it stops working.  Then maybe I’ll see about something with QWERTY.