Note: if you haven’t already, you may want to read part 1 first.

When I last left off Nason and I made it back safely to the campground after a truly amazing hike.  By the time we got back more people had started to show up, and everywhere we turned we saw new faces that were not there when we had arrived.  Several of those faces belonged to our students, and we spent some time hanging out with them.  Now, some of our students thought it would be a good idea to prank Nason and I.  While we were getting a fire going, a few of them went up to their ‘fort’ (a pretty cool rocky place up the same hill where we were camping).  A little while later I was walking up to my tent and I saw them.

Ben: “Hey, Rachel, like our fort?”

One of the culprits


Me: “Yeah, that’s pretty sweet!”

Ben: “Do you like your tent?”

Me: “I think we found an awesome place…oh.”

They had flattened it.  The poles were still in the tent, but it was laying flat on the ground.  I shook my head, got what I needed, and showed Nason.

“I’m going to kill them” was his response.

Later that evening, after I distracted them by starting a game of Egyptian Ratscrew, we formulated our revenge.  We wanted something simple, yet effective.  We couldn’t get all four of the students back that were there, but we came up with a plan to prank two of them-the two I personally suspect were behind the whole thing.  The two boys were sleeping in the same tent, apart from parents and siblings, so the opportunity was perfect.  We were going to do the same thing they did to us-the only difference was, we were going to do it while they were inside the tent.

Early the next morning we woke up (Nason and I are early risers when we’re camping anyway).  We walked down the hill and got a fire going.  He and I were some of the first people up that morning; there was no sign of the boys yet, which meant they were more than likely still asleep.  Slowly we crept over to where they were sleeping, and Nason quietly untied the strings that kept the front upright.  We each took a side, and on the count of three, we yanked the poles out of their slots. 

And it didn’t fall.

There was rustling inside the tent-they were waking up!  Frantically I tried to push the tent over, and then I looked and saw that Nason had already run away.  So I followed suit.  At that point the two guys were awake and probably confused.  We took our places by the fire and tried to act innocent, but they had seen us.  Although their tent didn’t fall, it looked pretty funny. 

Later they tried to get us back again, but all they did was take the rain fly off of the tent and tape my pillow to a tree.  I feel like that wasn’t really in the same spirit as the two initial pranks, so we laughed about it and packed up our stuff to prevent any further retaliation.  It was pretty fun, and although we weren’t able to prank the two girls that flattened our tent (one of their fathers suggested a cold bucket of water, but Nason thought that was pretty mean and wouldn’t help me), we managed to come out even in the end.

Check in tomorrow for part 3!