Last Tuesday was the first day of my senior year.  It’s a funny feeling, being almost done with such a major part of my schooling.  I don’t feel like a senior-it’s hard to believe that my undergraduate journey is almost at an end.  I think I learned quite a bit, although perhaps not as much as I would have liked.  This is the first semester I am not taking nay Psychology classes, and that feels pretty odd.  Instead, three of my classes are for my minor, Sociology, and two are ‘filler classes’ (that being classes I am taking to maintain my full time status).  Anyway, here are my thoughts on the semester after my first week of classes:

All of my instructors actually know what they are doing!  This is wonderful, since I have had many instructors in the past who, while they may be experts in their field, should not have been teaching.  I have had teachers who were terribly disorganized, or did not kow how to interact with students, or it was difficult to get hold of them.  At any rate, this semester should be one that is free of lost emails, date changes for tests, and misinformation.  A few of my professors even have extensive personal experience in the area they tech, like my Criminal Justice Administration professor, who used to be a police officer. 

The biggest thing I am worried about is all of the reading.  All of my classes require at least a chapter a week, and several of them want two chapters, plus supplementary reading.  My course in Women’s Studies is the worst.  The instructor expects us to read no more than two articles for every class meeting (typically the articles are 30+ pages long).  While I am an excellent reader, and I enjoy it, I am still worried about getting behind due to the sheer amount of it all.

Overall, I think this will be an exciting semester.  I know that it will be difficult , especially since this is my first semester taking Sociology courses, but I know I’ll make it through, and will be a better student and a more informed person for it.  I’ll keep posting about school throughout the semester!