Metropolitan Mama– Stephanie’s blog mostly centers around parenting and family, but it is very inspiring for anyone, even a newlywed with no children like me.  She is a sweet woman with a sincere personality and message, and I would recommend her blog to anyone.

Nason’s Daily Photo– This is my husband’s photography blog, where he has committed to post ‘one unique picture every day.’  He loves photography and takes beautiful pictures.  I think it fits well with his mechanical genius and meticulous nature.

Yearbook– Sarah is a friend of mine, and is an awesome teacher and wonderful woman.  Her blog mainly focuses on life, goals, teaching and relationships, and I think it is always a joy to read.

The Bloggess– Jenny’s blog rarely fails to make me laugh.  Her oddball sense of humor and quirky daily adventures are always entertaining to read about.  She is a hilarious, strange woman who I can relate to in many ways.

Enlightened Cooking– I discovered Camille’s blog when I was looking for a recipe for Homemade Lara Bars.  What I found (in addition to a great recipe) was a blog that expressed my views on food-it should be fresh and healthy and delicious!  I love her recipes and creativity, and her honesty about what goes on in her kitchen.  Always a delight!


Fertility Friend– I do not use the pill, the patch, or anything hormonal for birth control.  Instead, I track my Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and record the changes to know where I am in my cycle.  While this may seem silly to some, it has actually proven highly accurate in the past year.  I use this site to graphically chart my BBT so I can see any changes more clearly.

Allrecipes– This is the best cooking website I’ve found so far…allrecipes has a huge variety of recipes, as well as an option to search by ingredient (which is nice if you have chicken and cumin and need some inspiration) and a big articles section (I learned how to properly store asparagus here).  Overall, a fine website.


2 Responses to “My Favorites Bar”

  1. stephanie Says:

    I am so honored to be listed here, Rachel! Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Also – is my go-to site for recipes! I never even use traditional cookbooks anymore.

    Last Comment – I look forward to checking out the Fertility Friend website. I think it’s awesome that you don’t use any hormonal form of birth control (and I’d be interested to talk to you about it sometime).

  2. Nancy S. Says:

    May I sheepishly ask that you consider recommending and our message boards? (shameless plug from the moderator of the homeschooling and tandem nursing forums)

    Steph…Fertility Friend is a great site…great tutorials for NFP. I used them for awhile.

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