Normally I do not set an alarm when I have a day off because Nason wakes up at a decent time, so I just get up a half hour or so after he leaves for work.  This morning, however, I woke up a little late. 

Well, not a little late. 

10:50.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it was the fact that we went and saw a movie last night, or maybe because we stayed up until midnight or so afterwards.  Maybe it was the…hanky panky…this morning.  But whatever it was, I am now feeling a little disoriented.  It feels like half the day has been slept away.  If I was at work right now, I would be done with 5-6 hours of my shift.  That’s a significant amount of time, and I’m kind of embarrassed.

On a different note, we all enjoyed the movie last night (we went with a couple of friends).  We went to see Shutter Island, and it wasn’t really what I expected.  Having only seen the previews in a couple of places (and not really paid much attention to them), I thought it would be more of a horror film, and I was a little apprehensive.  However, it was more of a psychological thriller, and I was very impressed.  I loved that it addressed some of the issues in methods of mental illness treatment, from the lobotomy to medication to simply treating patients with respect and caring for them (which surprisingly works to some degree as shown in the town of Geel).  Overall, it was an enjoyable film with enough twists and turns to keep all of us guessing.  I’d love to go see it again, just to see if my perception of the film has changed due to the plot twist at the very end.

Your turn!

Seen any good movies lately?