It’s not that I haven’t wanted to write.

I have had so many ideas flying around in my head, ideas about relationships and blogging and current events, ways to make the world a better place and thoughts on the future and parenting and everything in between.  I have wanted to write.  I have just been out in the ‘real world,’ living life, away from the computer.  Sort of.

On Wednesday Nason and I went hiking as a celebration of our last Wednesday off together.  We left our house on foot and hiked into the Cienega Creek Preserve, then later on to his mom’s house, where we ate lunch and caught a ride home again.  It was a beautiful day to hike, and we did roughly 7 miles, which I was pretty happy about.  Thursday I worked, and Friday I had a good friend (who is moving to England soon) over for carne asada.  We didn’t even realize the time until her friend called her wondering where she was (we sat there talking for 4 1/2 hours!).  That night Nason and I went over to his mom’s place again, and spent some time talking and watching a movie.

Now, I’m getting ready to go camping overnight on Mt. Lemmon.  It’s an annual tradition with our church to drive up to Mt. Lemmon, camp, and hold a service on the mountain the next morning.  It’ll be an afternoon of hiking, followed by an evening of running around with our friends and teaching Egyptian Ratscrew to our students.  In all, a successful day ahead of us.

To be honest, I’m a little nervous about what is going to happen to this blog when I start school.  I mean, if I have a hard time finding the time to write now, how will I do when I am back in school full-time, working, and leading middle schoolers?  I think that if I can pull it off, then this space can become something really awesome, but if not, then it will flop.  I want to write.  I love it and think it is a great thing, but I am scared that I will not make the time during the semester.

Don’t think I won’t try, though.

PS. Forgive me if this post seems a little ADD.


Nason and I just got a futon.  We had been shopping around, and we hadn’t really said anything about it to anyone-it simply wasn’t something that came up in conversation.  Then, out of the blue, our friends Gene and Cecilia offered us their old futon.  At first I was thrown off.  I mean, how did they know we were looking for one?  We hadn’t mentioned it; we were still just browsing the internet for one, and it was sort of a low priority item on our list. 

And then it hit me: I had mentioned it in one of my posts.  It was just a passing comment about the progress on turning the house into a home, about how we were shopping for a futon and some end tables.  But it got us a free futon.

This got me thinking.  Before, I started my blog because I love to write.  I had a million ideas bouncing around in my head and I wanted an outlet to write them down and share them with others.  But I learned something about blogging:  it is so much more than that.

By writing on a public space like a blog, I am sharing a part of my life with others, and other bloggers are sharing their lives with me.  It is such an intimate thing to be able to share stories, thoughts, and passions with other people, and I think it is an amazing way to see into the lives of people who you may not ever meet face to face, but can relate to deeply. 

I think it meets a fundamental human need to be a part of a community, and although it can never take the place of relationships in the ‘real world,’ it can change lives and connect people across the world.  Blogging is a relational tool, and I didn’t really get that until recently.  I think it may change the way I do blogging a little.

I want to say thank you to Gene and Cil for the futon; Nason and I love it, and it’s very cute and comfortable!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of hype about new technology that is coming out, and it made me stop and take stock of the things I own.  And I realized that I could be considered outdated.

My cell phone is not a Blackberry or an iPhone; it doesn’t even have a keyboard!

My television is not flat screen, we don’t have cable (one less bill) and we don’t own a DVD player-we watch movies on a Playstation 2.

We have nice laptops, but mine is secondhand and Nason’s is issued by his work.

Most of our furniture was free, and all of it was previously loved.

In truth, none of these things really bothers me.  If I had an iPhone, I would probably use it and love it, but I don’t stress about the fact that I don’t.  I like new furniture, but I’m perfectly happy with the 20+ year old sofas we got from my parents.  New things are nice, but I find that constantly pursuing the latest style or toy will only lead to discontent in the long run.  There will always be things out there that are newer and cooler than what I own.  And wasting time striving for those things seems silly-I’d rather spend time with people than shopping around for the latest and greatest thing.  So I’ll stick with my cell phone that only has T9 for now.

At least, I will until it stops working.  Then maybe I’ll see about something with QWERTY.

My friend who came over yesterday (this picture is a little old, and was taken on a trampoline)

I love girl talk.  I think it’s fun to get together with one or two friends and just talk about life and love and everything in between.  It is something I don’t get all the time, since I live with my husband, but that’s okay.  It keeps girl talk special.

It’s not that I don’t talk with my husband about those things.  Nason and I have amazing conversations all the time.  We talk about our struggles, and dreams, and we spend more time talking than we do doing most anything else.  It’s just that…girl talk is different.  There is a different dynamic to it which is very special.  I love my husband more than anything in this world, but sometimes I need some time with my friends.

Yesterday I was blessed with some of that time.  One of my good friends came over yesterday and we had a five hour conversation.  It was wonderful.  We talked about our years (since she has been in Flagstaff since last September), and my husband and her boyfriend, and movies and books that we loved, and what we were doing this summer.  We didn’t go and do anything, we didn’t lapse for anything, we just…talked.  It was so refreshing to sit and talk with her, and just spend time getting to know her again, since we hadn’t seen each other in a while.

I am blessed to have my best friend living right down the street from me for now, too.  Usually we do the same thing when we get together.  Sometimes we’ll go out and do something, but most of the time we just sit and talk.  I always enjoy these days, since I learn something new about her every time we talk, and it’s always so much fun to share news and hear her news. 

I love my friends very much, and I’ve missed some of them while they’ve been away at school.  Hopefully I get to reconnect with them this summer, and have some great conversations.