Apologies for not posting in a week!  I didn’t even realize until I logged in today and noticed.  And then my jaw dropped.

Anyway, my first interview for the internship is tomorrow, and I am extremely nervous.  I have prepared a cheat sheet for all of the information the interviewers want me to be versed in.  I have an outfit.  But the one thing I am nervous about explaining is the fact that I don’t belong to a political party.

According to the information I was given, I have to be prepared to explain why I do not belong to a party.  Honestly, I wish that (to be fair) party members had to explain their political preference in their interview.  However, this is not the case.  The burden of defending political beliefs falls only on those of us who are NPP.

I do have my reasons.  I think that many (not all) Americans use their political party as a mental shortcut when it comes to voting.  It is an easy label that can be used to easily determine which candidates and which propositions to vote for.  I don’t have a problem with mental shortcuts-they are a naturally occurring phenomenon that allows people to make quick decisions.  However, when put into the context of voting for the laws of the land and our political leaders, those shortcuts are really scary.  I don’t belong to a political party because I don’t want to fall into a trap of not doing the research before a vote and choosing my party over my common sense.

The big problem is saying that without offending the panel of interviewers, many of which probably belong to political parties.  Any suggestions?